Porsche PCM 5 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Activation

Porsche PCM5 Full-screen Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Activation

Activation Operation Procedures
1st-Class remote services for our customers. We do everything for your remotely. Just send us the Teamviewer ID and Password. No need other setups!
The whole process will be 5-30mins all depends on the network speed and system setup situation.

1st Connect the USB Flasher cable (Get it from Amazon, cheaper and fast delivery)
2nd Any Windows English System and send us the Teamviewer ID and Password
3rd Fast and stable internet connection
4th Ignition ON

Step-by-step Porsche Apple CarPlay Setup Guide (Wireless & Wired)
1. Activate Apple CarPlay by connecting your iPhone to the PCM via the USB port in the smartphone tray found in the center console.
2. If your Porsche features wireless Apple CarPlay, you can keep your iPhone in your pocket and it will automatically connect.
3. Once you have confirmed you are using Apple CarPlay, the apps on your phone will be transferred and displayed on the PCM.
4. Activate Siri by pressing the button on the upper left control lever of your steering wheel, or by pressing and holding down the Apple home button on the Apple CarPlay display.

For more information on setting up Apple CarPlay in your Porsche, or to learn more about any other exciting Porsche features and technology, feel free to contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

You will need:  Porsche CarPlay and Android Auto Activation Toolkit via USB ($13 on Amazon)

We will guide you to order it from Amazon or your local shopping website. Cheaper, Quick and Easy!

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Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Activation, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto with Full Screen

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