Ford SYNC2 Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Integration Kit


NZD$850 NZD$799

Wireless Apple CarPlay

No coding required, keep original sync2 system. all previous functions are work as before.

Compatible with 2011 – 2017 Ford vehicles with the MyFord Touch Sync2 System:
Ford C-Max 2013~2017
Ford Escape 2013~2017
Ford Edge 2011~2017
Ford Explorer 2011~2017
Ford Flex 2013~2017
Ford Mustang 2015~2017
Ford Party 2014~2017
Ford Focus 2012~2017
Ford Fusion 2013~2017
Ford Taurus 2013~2017
Ford F-150 2013~2017
Ford Super Duty 2013~2017
Ford Expedition 2015~2017
Ford Transit Connect 2014~2017
Ford Transit 2015~2017
Ford Everest 2015~2017
Ford Ranger 2015~2017
Ford Falcon 2014~2016
Ford Territory 2014~2016
Ford Mondeo 2015~2017
Ford Tourneo Connect 2016~2017


Ford SYNC2 Apple CarPlay

This Ford SYNC 2 (MyFord Touch) Apple CarPlay integrated. It allows user to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on factory multimedia screen. Suit for all Ford and Lincoln with MyFord Touch system: Except Lincoln MKZ, including and not limited to Ford Edge / Taurus / Kuga / Mondeo / Focus / Mustang / F150 / Everest / Explorer 2015, Lincoln Navigator / MKX / MKC / MKT 2015, etc.

It’s well known on this range of models that it’s difficult / expensive to upgrade to something different such as nav or music streaming. This system will give you that all important navigation function as well as Music playback from Apps such as Spotify. Simply and Easily!

Top Features:
• Superior sound quality due to good quality components – no difference in quality with playing music from AUX or AMI.
• Full CarPlay functionality for iPhone 5 or later.
• Use your favourite phone apps for GPS navigation Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze and be notified of the live traffic information.
• Allows handsfree calling and messaging via Siri
• Voice control via Siri
• Play music from your favourite phone apps, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. Music comes out from Audi factory stereo system.
• Can be connected via both Bluetooth or USB port (included in the kit) to keep your phone charged at the same time – wireless kits only*
• The USB port included can also accept USB flash drive/hard drive to play music and videos.
• Wired connection to charge your phone at the same time
• Fully integrated central button control.

Apple carplay (Wireless and Wired)
Simply connect your iphone to the usb port and launch apple carplay to communicate, navigate and stay entertained with your favourite smartphone apps. Most apps are siri optimized so you can keep your eyes on the road. Apple carplay is compatible with iphone 5 and newer.

Android auto
Android auto was designed with safety in mind. With a simple and intuitive interface, integrated steering wheel controls, and powerful new voice actions, it’s designed to minimize distraction so you can stay focused on the road. Android auto automatically brings you useful information, and organizes it into simple cards that appear just when they’re needed.

Optional reversing camera (not included in the package)
Supports pdc (parking distance control) and fpg (flexible parking guidelines) compatible with ntsc cameras only.

Installation (installation fee apply)
We provide onsite installation in auckland area.

1) Before purchasing, please send us the pictures of navigation software version and Center console to confirm (Emaill:
2) This product support upgrade firmware, one year of warrantly.

 BrandApplied Models Applied YearMarket System / Generation
FordC-Max2013~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordEscape2013~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordEdge2011~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordExplorer2011~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordFlex2013~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordMustang2015~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordParty2014~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordFocus2012~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordFusion2013~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordTaurus2013~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordF-1502013~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordSuper Duty2013~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordExpedition2015~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordTransit Connect2014~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordTransit2015~2017North America / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordEverest2015~2017Asia Pacific / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordRanger2015~2017Asia Pacific / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordFalcon2014~2016Australia / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordTerritory2014~2016Australia / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordMondeo2015~2017Europe / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
FordTourneo Connect2016~2017Europe / WorldwideMyFord Touch Sync2
LincolnMKX2011~2017WorldwideLincoln Sync2
LincolnMKT2013~2017WorldwideLincoln Sync2
LincolnMKS2013~2017WorldwideLincoln Sync2
LincolnMKZ2013~2017WorldwideLincoln Sync2
LincolnMKC2015~2017WorldwideLincoln Sync2
LincolnNavigator2015~2017WorldwideLincoln Sync2

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