Mercedes-Benz Navigation System Check, Do I have NTG 4.5/4.7/5.0/5.1?

1. How to check Mercedes NTG version? What is NTG?

NTG is short for New Telematics Generation of Mercedes Benz Cockpit Management and Data system (COMAND).

As time goes by, Mercedes Benz started from COMAND 2.5, and current latest version is COMAND NTG 6.0(MBUX) in 2019. Click here to know more about Mercedes Benz COMAND NTG.

How to check Mercedes NTG version?

Let’s turn on Mercedes-Benz factory head unit, enter main menu interface.

We can simply tell the difference among NTG 4.5/ NTG 4.7/ NTG 5.0/ NTG 6.0(MBUX) from the following picture:

Attention: Mercedes-Benz has different audio system cause the hardware and software are different. Please choose the correct audio system of your car when place the order. If you are not sure what audio system it is on your car, then please send the VIN and a photo of radio operation panel to Auto Retrofit NZ <>, we will help you to check it.

Mercedes-Benz A/B/Cla/G/Gla 2011-2018 Radio Upgrade

Mercedes-Benz A-Class(W176) 2013-2018 with NTG 4.5/4.7/5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz B-Class(W246) 2011-2018 with NTG 4.5/4.7/5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz C-Class(W204/W205) 2011-2019 with NTG 4.5/4.7/5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class(C117/X117) 2013-2018 with NTG 4.5/4.7/5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class(W218) 2015-2018 with NTG 5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz E-Class(W212)(LHD & RHD) 2011-2016 NTG 4.5/4.7/5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz E-Class(C207/A207)(LHD only) 2011-2016 NTG 4.5/4.7/5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz G-Class(W460) 2012-2018 with NTG 4.5/4.7/5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class(X156) 2013-2018 with NTG 4.5/4.7/5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class(C253/X253) 2015-2019 with NTG 5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class(X204) 2011-2015 with NTG 4.5/4.7
Mercedes-Benz V-Class(W447) 2014-2019 with NTG 5.0/5.1
Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2017-2019 with NTG 5.0/5.1

Note above year range is for your reference only. Please send us a photo of the dashboard(radio system) of your vehicle to Auto Retrofit NZ <> if you are not sure about the fitness. 

2. Please check the media port in glove box on passenger side or arm rest.

If your car equips with 3.5mm AUX IN port, then our product send audio to the car via AUX port directly.

If your car equips with MI(Media Interface) port in the glove box/arm rest, please add AMI-AUX cord.

Mercedes-Benz Ami Port

3. You can use the original command knob to operate the Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.