How to Activate NTG4.0 4.5 4.7 OEM Aux for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Auto Retrofit - How To Activate Ntg4.0 4.5 4.7 Oem Aux For Apple Carplay And Android AutoAuto Retrofit - How To Activate Ntg4.0 4.5 4.7 Oem Aux For Apple Carplay And Android Auto

Here is process for activate OEM Benz NTG4.5 NTG4.0 NTG4.7 OEM Aux:

I. Press below 3 buttons on panel and wait 6 seconds to turn on Factory mode as below photo,

And enter Engineering Mode.


II. Use OEM Comand knob to choose 7.HW setting on Engineering model as below photo and press knob confirm to enter next page:

Image Image

III.Enter 7.HW Setting(1/2)page,choose 7.7 HU Parameter via Knob comand as below photo then press Knob to enter next page:


IV. Enter 7.7 HU Parameter (1/4) page,choose (4) Audio AUX : OFF as below photo and choose Audio AUX ON  ,After finished setting, Audio AUX can be choosed. and to use external AV device, If Audio Aux  is display grey ,couldn’t be choosed. then press operate as below continutely:


V. Press Back button On last photo to enter 7.HW Setting (1/2),Choose 7.5 TGW Parameter,and

press knob comand to enter next page:


VI. Enter 7.5TGW parameter and choose (1) MOST: OFF , Press Knob comand to ON as below 3 photos:

Ntg Knob Comand

VII. Enter 7.5TGW parameter and choose (2) Audio Source : Internal Amp. And press Knob comand

to enter next page: Attention: Some of car choose External amp would has no sound, when it happens,Please lock and car and let car in sleep mode 10mintues and then enter 7.5TGW parameter to choose internal amp,And car in sleep mode 10mintes again ,it would be ok. when AUX sound fully activated. then install CarPlay Android auto or Android interface module .


VIII. Enter Audio source page and choose External amp and press Knob comand . After finished setting it would enter below photo ,then press Back button to enter last page:


VIV.After choosing External amp and back to last page, it would show Audio Aux to able to choose. Then Choose Audio AUX ON , Enter to Engineering Mode (1/2) and knob comand return to enter next page:


VV. Enter Engineering Mode (2/2) and choose 9.System Reset and press Knob to enter below Photo:


VVI.Enter 9.System Reset to choose 9.1Reset and press Knob comand to send below photo for confirm to Reset or not,Please reset HU System.


VVII. Turn off car power when the reseting finished. lock the door and and take off car to wait 10mintures,Then turn on the car and AUX would work properly.


Alert: Above process is professional operation, incorrect operation may lost OEM sound system, please consult professional engineer about the above operation, We would not take any responsibility  if operator not process correctly.