High Beam Assist (HBA)

To code High Beam Assist (for vehicles with Lane Assist fitted) – All Std mk3 vRS’s

Access Module 09 – enter security code 31347

Go to (2) Assistant light functions – Menu light assistant and change to ‘PRESENT’

Auto Retrofit - High Beam Assist (Hba)

Access Module A5

Go to Long Coding, change byte 2 Bit 0 to a “1” or use drop down menu to select “Coding_light_assist High_beam_assist”

That’s it – HBA Should now work. You know it is activated correctly as you can go into the light settings menu on the vehicle and you will see “light assist” – turn that on.

Now with the headlight switch set to auto push the left stalk toward the front of the car, it should show you the HBA logo at the bottom of the Maxidot display.

OK, we then have some optional extras if you like:

Controller A5 – Enter security code 20103


Speed that HBA will activate, I have set mine to 20kph

Auto Retrofit - High Beam Assist (Hba)

Speed that it will deactivate, U have set mine to 10Kph

Auto Retrofit - High Beam Assist (Hba)

Then there is this adaptation for urban detection area – I haven’t tried this yet but I’m hoping it may allow you to use HBA in a lit area. Around here there are still many streets with the old street lamps that only light up a 1m radius underneath them. Switch to NOT PRESENT (NOT TESTED YET)

Auto Retrofit - High Beam Assist (Hba)



Lights in the off position

1) A5 module – code this first

2) exit with a soft reset

3) ignition off – key out

4) ignition on

5) 09 module – coding first

6) then enter security code 31347

7) set the adaptation channel to activate the menu

8) exit with a soft reset

9) ignition off – key out

10) ignition on, go to car menu on infotainment. Switch on light assist