Apple Carplay & Android Auto integrated into Orignal System

Wireless Apple Carplay integrated into orignal system for Porsche / Audi / BMW / Benz /
Hundreds of sets had been installed on our hands. Upfront Pricing with the most stock count in the market!

☀️ Fully compatible with iPhone 11 IOS13 ☀️

Fully integrated with your NTG/CIC/NBT/MMI/PCM Original System.
Plug and play. All existing Command Knob/Idrive Knob and Steering wheel control can be used.


✔️Connect CarPlay and play music automatically when get in car
✔️Keep original display and head unit, No matter with any original system
✔️Build-in audio process chip, EQ adjustable
✔️Original Mercedes Command Knob/ Idrive Knob
✔️Siri voice control
✔️Usb Flash Drive to play music and videos
✔️Compatible OEM or aftermarket Front/Rear view camera with guideline and parking (Optional)

Also available Apple Carplay & Infinity Andriod Screen upgrade for

Mercedes Benz

A Class W176 / B Class W246/ C Class W205/ E Class W213/ S Class W222/ GLA Class X156/ GLC Class X256/ GLE Class W166


1 Series F20/F21
2 Series F22
3 Series F30/F31
4 Series F32/F33/F36
5 Series F10/G30
7 Series G12
X1 F48/F49
X3 F25
X4 F26
X5 F15
X6 F16


A1/ A3/ A4/ A5/ A6/ A7/ A8L/ Q2 / Q3/ Q5 /Q7


Apple CarPlay is a user interface designed by Apple Inc specifically for vehicles. It is designed to display applications from your phone onto the built-in display of your vehicle dash. Android Auto is designed by Android Inc/Google Inc and provides similar features to Apple CarPlay.

Carplay Home Screen
Waze Navigation Using Retrofit Carplay
Make A Call With Carplay
Carplay Bbc Iplayer Radio App


Messages: iMessage, WhatsApp and various other messaging applications are available when using CarPlay/Android Auto. The driver (or passenger) can write, send and read messages using Siri/voice activation.

Music: iTunes(CarPlay only), Amazon Music, Spotify, Radio Apps such as, BBC iRadio and many more can be used with the CarPlay/Android Auto application. Music is streamed from your phone to the CarPlay/Android Auto interface and then through your stereo system into the cabin using the existing stereo system in the car. The IMI-1000 interface will seamlesslessly integrate with your existing stereo system, delivering crisp audio via the auxiliary input on the built-in head unit.

Navigation: Apply Maps, Google Maps and Waze can be used for satellite navigation. The maps are always up to date, will react “real-time” to traffic jams and do not require a subcription unlike the the OEM maps offered by the vehicle manufacturers.

Audio Books and Podcasts: Why not listen to a book or podcast while you drive to work?

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